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Candy Cotton

Basket Graph


Every customer has a unique shopping fingerprint

Our proprietary Basket Graph recognize customers based on their unique shopping patterns. This allows the retailer to reach customers they didn't even know existed with personalized marketing delivered at the in-store point-of-sale.

Typically, these are low frequency customers with high growth potential. These are not known, nor addressable for retailers today.

Personalized marketing for unregistered customers

Most retailers provide a loyalty program or an app for their customers and use data on registered members to personalize activities such as discounts or free products. However, the coverage of the loyalty the program does not reach the full customer base, making the retailer unable to address many high-value customers, including drop-in customers loyal to local competitors.

The Basket Graph make these unknown customers available for personalized activities, without the customers having signed up to the loyalty program or app.

For retailers, the Basket Graph delivers the following benefits:

Boost loyalty program performance – find and incentivize customers to sign-up

Activate passive members – increase the frequency and spend from passive loyalty members

Convert drop-in customers – win in local markets by finding and converting once-in-a-while customers loyal to competing chains

The Basket Graph typically double the number of customers that can be efficiently targeted with personalized activities, providing a competitive advantage for the retailer.

The Basket Graph has been tested with one of the largest grocery retailers in the Nordics. Our technology successfully identified 2x the number of customers bench-marked against the existing loyalty program.

Unique customers are identified based on purchasing behavior only. No personal data is collected or stored.

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