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Loyalty and Activation AI

Optimal growth strategies for individual customers

The Loyalty and Activation AI predict the most effective marketing activity for the individual customer. It plans and delivers optimal growth strategies purposely to increase spend and loyalty.

The AI learns from every customer interaction, becoming ever smarter, and will develop a remarkable intuition for Customer Relationship Management far beyond the capabilities of human analysts.


Artificial Intelligence technology for more sophisticated customer activation

Today the activation of loyalty program members are typically based on segmentation and type-preferences. The effectiveness of activities such as discounts are only known on the macro level, while the actual effect on individual customer behavior is not known. It is blind to the nuances of the individual customer.

Further, significant portions of marketing budgets is allocated to above-the-line activities. Such activities are more effective in driving awareness rather than promoting behavioral change.

Automated learning from every customer interaction

The Loyalty and Activation AI record the following response of historic activities on individual customers' loyalty and spend. A feedback loop in a machine learning framework is used to automatically learn optimal growth strategies for individual customers.
The AI decides what behavior-inducing customer-unique action (if any) to implement at each store visit.
Selected high impact activities are presented to customers only where and when the AI predicts a positive net effect on long term Customer Lifetime Value (monetary value of customer to the retailer).
The retailers marketing budget is invested in the customers where it will have the greatest impact, and purposely to:

Activate passive customers
Drive loyalty in customer base
Convert new customer from competitors in local markets

Building on accumulated experience, the Loyalty and Activation AI will develop increasingly sophisticated strategies to activate and develop customers by delivering impactful activities at the right time to the responsive customer.

Trusted AI with marketeer in the driver’s seat


With our human-in-the-loop (HITL) approach, the marketeer is in control and sets the rules and budget according to objectives. The AI automates execution on scale accordingly.


The technology integrates with the retailers Point-of-Sale or CRM system, and can function as a supplement to existing loyalty program and CRM applications, adding AI capabilities back-end.

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